Cabinet d'Avocats Baillet Bouin | The Firm
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Every client is unique to us

and receives the highest level of service


The Baillet Bouin Law Firm was founded in spring 2007 to provide the highest level of service while benefittingting from a flexible organization and careful cost control.

Every client is unique and receives the highest level of service

  • The search for original legal solutions
  • the concern for rigorous and complete technical analysis of the cases
  • celerity
  • respect for deadlines
  • detailed communication with clients as their case progresses

are the duties to which the firm compels every day

Our practice is mainly devoted to judicial assistance and representation of both companies and individuals, before civil and commercial courts, in first instance as well as before the courts of appeals.

The firm also offers pre-litigation assistance, so that conflict can be avoided every time it is the client’s best interest.

To that effect, the Firm works closely with well-established auditors and accountants, as well as auctioneers and French notaires, so that the clients benefit from a single point of contact, ensuring fast and efficient transmission of information and coordination among the various professionals intervening in their case.

Specializing in private business law, the Baillet Bouin Law Firmfirm has built a tight relationship with the law firm H&G Avocats, whose the partners, Aymeric Hourcabie and Vincent Guinot specialize n public business law. H&G Avocats thus offers complementarity to the Firm’s practice in the event a client’s case also requires a legal analysis under administrative law (such as real estate litigation, termination of contracts entered into with entities coming under the jurisdiction of administrative courts…).